GIZ and SQF has common goals and objectives which brought us together and I pray to Almighty God for its success.

These objectives of SQF are

  1. To enhance the knowledge and awareness of decision makers andcompanies of the Pakistan RE sector on international trends anddevelopments in the field of solar energy (technologies, innovative policy, distributed generation, solar financing andauctioning etc.)
  2. To create awareness regarding use of Energy Efficiency techniques, processes and equipment.
  3. To take stock of the German experiences (technical, policies,incentive schemes, financing mechanisms etc.) as a leadingnation in this sector and explore similar strategies for promotingsolar energy and energy efficiency techniques in Pakistan.
  4. To strengthen cooperation between the two countries in areas ofsolar energy.
  5. To develop linkages and promote joint-ventures betweenGerman and Pakistani private solar companies.
  6. Promote and disseminate quality PV products and energy efficient equipment in Pakistan.
  7. Support Federal Government, Provincial Government and other Regulatory Authorities to promote Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency programs.

Lets Change the world we all together, join us now